We come together to take charge of this home which has been entrusted to us, knowing that all the good which exists here will be taken up into the heavenly feast.

(Pope Francis, Laudato si’, 244)

In the year of reflection on ‘Laudato si’ – Pope Francis’ encyclical published 5 years after the Magisterium’s first document about environmental issues – during this Third “Giornata delle Catacombe, the day dedicated to the Paleochristian burials, we will see nature as you can find it depicted in the ancient Christian cemeteries, frescos and marble relieves.

This year, the “Giornata delle Catacombe” – which has come to its third edition – will be completely available online. The idea comes from the desire to face this period’s sanitary emergency through an initiative that has always been a moment of joy, aggregation and devotion to the ancient Christian cemeteries.





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